Strategic Services


WHen you need A third party objective opinion or help building your strategies


Our strategic services are designed to meet client needs in three major business areas: The market and commercialization, technology issues and strategies, and intellectual property business strategies.

Our Market and Technology Assessments are two parts of three key service areas SciMed Partners offers. The third area, Intellectual Property, can be integrated within either the market or technology portions. Clients may choose from entire assessments within the following services or select portions.


Technology Assessments and


  1. Technical validation including feasibility and viability

  2. Optimization analysis for R&D and product development

  3. Competitive strength of rivals

  4. Competitive product/technology analysis

  5. Technology blind spots of emerging or potentially disruptive industries and markets

  6. Global market strategies based on filed patents and technologies

Intellectual Property Services

Tactical Services

  1. Routine services such as novelty searches, validity/invalidity, assignee/name searches, state-of-art searches, and collection searches

Strategic Services

  1. R&D management and optimization

  2. Technology IP competitive analysis

  3. Product area/market surveillance 

  4. New venture evaluation

  5. Merger and acquisition analysis

  6. Patent portfolio management and monitoring

  7. Value chain analysis

  8. Pre-litigation support

  9. See Our IP Web Page for a

  10. More Complete Overview

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Market assessments and

Commercialization Services

  1. Commercialization strategies and plans

  2. Market analysis of existing or target markets

  3. Market potential and market share

  4. Market segmentation strategies

  5. Positioning and differentiation strategies

  6. Marketing and sales strategies

  7. Pricing strategies and analysis

  8. Key competitor analysis

  9. Micro-environmental analysis

  10. Macro-environmental analysis

  11. Emerging or disruptive market factors