Medical Devices, Health IT, Biotech


Technologies That Disrupt

Enabling Innovation in Science and Medicine


Headquarters: San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley

East Coast Office: Charlotte, NC

West/Mid-West: Denver, CO


We offer specialized services for the following areas:

  1. Medical Devices and Healthcare IT

  2. Diagnostics

  3. Pharmaceuticals

  4. Biotechnology (Medical, Industrial, Agricultural, Clean Tech)

  SciMed’s subject matter experts serve our clients with consulting services within medical devices and the pharmaceutical industries. They are available on or offsite; long-term or short-term. Their consulting services can also be integrated with any of our other general services. For more information regarding our experts, please call 650.248.2820 or email


Services within strategic areas of concern including the market, technology, and intellectual property where third-party objective opinion may be critical.

  1. Assessments of Markets and Opportunities, Business and Marketing Plans and Models

  2. Assessments and Validation of Technologies

  3. Intellectual Property Assessments and Services


Services for hands-on implementation and execution. “Rubber meets the road” assistance and support.

  1. Commercialization and Go-to-Market Tactics and Execution

  2. Business Development and Sales Support

  3. Clinical, and Regulatory Services and Support

  4. Technical and Product Support

  5. Quality Assurance and Quality Support

  6. R&D Support and Assistance

  7. Manufacturing Support

  8. Contract Manufacturing Research and Evaluation

  9. Vendor Research and Evaluation

  10. Channel and Distribution Management

  11. Strategic Partnering and Alliances

  12. Funding Sources

  13. In-licensing or Out-licensing Opportunities.