1. Medical Devices

  2. Healthcare Technologies (Including Telehealth, Monitoring and Sensing)

  3. Diagnostics

  4. Biotechnology (Medical, Agriculture, Industrial)

  5. Pharmaceuticals

  6. Emerging Technologies


Services within strategic areas of concern including the market, technology, and intellectual property where third-party objective opinion may be critical.

  1. Assessments of Markets and Opportunities, Business and Marketing Plans and Models

  2. Assessments and Validation of Technologies

  3. Intellectual Property Assessments and Services


Services for hands-on implementation. “Rubber meets the road” assistance and support.

  1. Commercialization and Go-to-Market Tactics and Implementation

  2. Business Development and Sales Support

  3. Clinical, and Regulatory Services and Support

  4. Technical and Product Support

  5. Quality Assurance and Quality Support

  6. R&D Support and Assistance

  7. Manufacturing Support

  8. Contract Manufacturing Research and Evaluation

  9. Vendor Research and Evaluation

  10. Channel and Distribution Management

  11. Strategic Partnering and Alliances

Strategic and Tactical Services for Life Sciences and Technology Companies

Our Focus Areas:

  1. Medical Devices

  2. Healthcare IT

  3. Telehealth

  4. Diagnostics

  5. Pharmaceuticals

  6. Biotechnology

  7. Emerging and Disruptive Technologies

Enabling Innovation in Science and Medicine


Headquarters: San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley

East Coast Office: Charlotte, NC

West/Mid-West: Denver, CO


    SciMed Partners helps companies, investors, and entrepreneurs by offering both strategic and tactical services. 

Strategic Services

    Services within strategic areas include assessment of markets, technologies, or intellectual property where third-party objective opinion may be critical. 

Tactical Services

    We also help companies get where they need to go by offering tactical services to operationalize strategies and initiatives. These are services that require hands-on implementation or "where rubber meets the road” assistance and support. Focus areas include medical devices, healthcare IT, diagnostics, and biotech. 

Turnarounds and Short-term Executive Leadership

    Specialized services to provide support to investors or executive management to address performance issues, “getting to the next level,” operational issues and other challenges. Our team consists of senior level executives across multiple functional and operational areas.

We’re strategically located in one of the world’s centers of innovation, the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley with a satellite offices in Denver, CO and Charlotte, NC.